During lunch time we serve three course Lunch Menu for 26 €. You can make your choices from our lunch a la carte which changes every week. Our home made breads are always included for lunch and if you wish to have only main course we serve you a small salad as a starter. Lunch is also available for vegetarians and vegans.

Lunch week 42 (WED to SAT)

Menu 26 €

Choose your own three course menu

Chicken liver and apple 7,30
Selleriac soup 6,90

Main courses
Black salsify and wild mushrooms 14,90
Pike perch, chestnut and butter 17,50
Lamb and garlic 17,90

Chocolate and licorice 5,50
Piece of Finnish cheese 5,-
Homemade ice cream or sorbet 3,90

Please notice that the menu might change during the week.


Drinks for lunch
Sparkling water 1,-
Glass of wine 4,90 / 8 cl
Glass of Champagne 9,90
Coffee / tea / espresso 1,50