We serve lunch on weekdays (Wed-Fri) from 11.00 to 15.00. Enjoy and choose our menu or if you are in hurry pick the dish of the day!

Lunch menu 29 €

Asparagus soup 7,50
Beef carpaccio 7,90

Main courses
Fried zander 18,50
Lamb from Ahvenanmaa 18.20

Rhubarb and vanilla 6,50
Piece of cheese 5,-

Dish of the day 12,90 - Served during week days
Home made dish of the day

Please notice that the menu might change during the week.


Drinks for lunch
Sparkling water 1,-
Glass of wine 4,90 / 8 cl
Glass of Champagne 9,90
Coffee / tea / espresso 1,50