We are serving lunch Tuesday to Saturday between 12 and 2.30. Welcome and enjoy our weekly changing three course menu or take only the main course if you are in hurry. We are serving on lunch time dishes and menus also from our a la carte.


Lunch menu 24,90 € - week 33
Choose your three course menu for set price

Starters 5,90
Country style paté and currants
Grilled cabbage and onion jam

Main courses 15,90
Smoked sea trout
Lamb from Ahvenanmaa

Piece of cheese 5,-

Desserts 5,90
Blueberries and milk
Meadow sweet bavaroise


Drinks for lunch
Sparkling water 1,50
Glass of wine 4,90 / 8 cl
Glass of Champagne 9,90
Coffee / tea / espresso 1,50