Our menu is based on fresh and pure ingredients of the season and it changes in every five weeks. We are using as much as possible local Finnish products and small suppliers. We also utilize the resources of the pure and beautiful Finnish woods such as wild herbs, berries and mushrooms.

Our philosophy is to make good food in traditional way with a modern twist and to respect the true flavours of our ingredients. All our menus can be made also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Welcome to dine with us!

Choose your own three course menu 45 € - Wines for the menu 29 €
Menu with pepper steak + 5 €

Celeriac soup 10,40
White fish and cauliflower 11,60
Tongue of reindeer and swede 11,40

Burbot and leak 29,50
Cheek of pork and buckwheat 28,20
Pepper steak and green beans 33,90

Baked Alaska 10,20
Chocolate and nuts 10,50

Cheese + 5 / 11,50

Menu of the Day 55 € - Wines for the menu 39 €
Our for course daily menu which you can find only from our blackboard

Menu Aito 65 € - Wines for the menu 49 €
Six course signature menu and a trip to tastes of Aito